Fitness Friday:  Your ticket to the gun show

April 27, 2012
There are many different sizes of medicine balls. For the exercises here it is best to pick one that you can hold in one hand. SOURCE GOOGLE IMAGES

Guns. Pythons. Triceps. There are probably as many words to describe arms as there are workouts.

In the past few years women across the nation have been talking about First Lady Michelle Obama's terrific arms. She does a number of workouts to keep her fit look, but one great way to work your arms is using a medicine ball.

Even a small medicine ball helps improve arms when used in quick, simple workouts.

And, of course, if you don't have a medicine ball, you could use your baby or a sack of flour, or even two hand weights if you have them.

First step toward great arms:

• Sit in a straight back chair, with your abs engaged - sitting as tall as possible.

• Hold a medicine ball in your right hand, with your arm at your side.

• Circle the arm with the ball in it above your head, doing a quick hand off to your opposite hand.

• Lower the second hand, now with the ball, back to your side.

• Continue back and forth over your head for 10 reps at a slow pace, then pick up the pace for 10 more reps. Add a little toss of the ball in mid-air if you are feeling up to it.

While this exercise works your arms, it can also work your abs, as long as you keep them tight throughout.

Second exercise:

• Still sitting, take the medicine ball in both hands and hold it over your head.

• Bend at the elbows so the ball goes behind your head.

• Hold while your elbows are at 90-degree angles.

• Using your triceps lift the ball back over your head. Repeat 10-20 times.

Experiment with the medicine ball to find out which exercises work your arm muscles the best.

If you keep it up, soon people will be comparing your guns to Mrs. Obama's arms.

Have a great weekend in the kingdom of drool!

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