Fitness Friday:  Be your own Superman

May 9, 2014
Strengthen your core, and remember you are just as good as Superman. SOURCE IMAGES

As parents, we are always striving to do everything, be everything to everyone and get it all right on a daily basis.

This isn't always possible - but with some core strength, you can at least feel like Superman.

Superman exercise:

Lay flat on your stomach on the floor with arms straight out in front of you.

At the same time lift your arms and legs, as if you were flying through the sky like Superman. Contract the muscles in your lower back to hold the motion. Breath in and out slowly as you hold the movements for two to five seconds each time.

Relax and then do the Superman again.

This exercise really works to strengthen your lower back, which makes you sit up straighter and stand taller. All of our strength comes from the core muscles of our backs and stomachs, so if these muscles become stronger, then we become stronger.

Start with a few repetitions, then build up to 10-15 daily.

Mix the Superman exercise in with a few other exercises to build up a routine. One idea is to warm up by jumping rope for five minutes, then go to the floor to do the Superman, some sit-ups, some push-ups, another round of jumping rope and finish with a cool-down walk around your yard.

And, what's better after an invigorating work-out than a cool, refreshing smoothie.

This is one of my own creations - honeydew citrus smoothie.

Honeydew melon really makes for a refreshing post-work-out drink.


• About a cup of honeydew chunks

• Juice of one lemon

• One kiwi (if available) - can substitute canned peaches or another sweet fruit

• Ice cubes

• Fresh mint or prepared mint tea

• Water to help blend better (if not using tea)

Whip it all together in your blender and enjoy!

Have a great weekend in the kingdom of drool! See you all Monday.

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