A foggy morning and trying to reach a conch fisherman

Wednesday morning's fog shrouds boats at the city dock in Lewes. BY DENNIS FORNEY
May 23, 2012

23 May 2012

The fog rolled in as thick as pea soup overnight and laid a calm slick over the canal and vessels moored at the city dock. The fog quickly swallowed early morning walkers and muffled the shrill cries of sea gulls and ospreys working the marshes and the waterfront.

The late May weather pattern continues with plenty of moisture.  Young corn plants in fields along the coast are growing with great enthusiasm.

If past weather patterns are much of an indication, the big switch will be thrown somewhere around Memorial Day weekend and the summer will get serious about sun and heat.

In the mean time, get out in the early morning fog and check out the interesting images that ghostly color conjures up.

Trying to reach Shawn Moore

I was curious about the Fish and Wildlife item we had in Tuesday's paper about Shawn Moore getting cited for not tending a large number of conch pots. Shawn is one of the remaining handful of commercial watermen we still have in these parts and I would like to talk to him about the conch fishery in general and the violations in particular.  In these days of people no longer having home phones and not being listed in phone books, I'll have to resort to the grape vine to see if I can get Shawn to give me a call.  I can be reached at 645-7700, extension 303.