Old Bay Steakhouse and Seafood opens at Midway

Port owners revamp Roadhouse, update menu
Old Bay Steakhouse and Seafood has recently opened at Midway. Shown are Chef John Downs, left, and owner Zack King. BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY
June 14, 2012

Roadhouse Steak Joint at Midway has been a local destination for more than two decades. This week, the iconic horse that has long reared its head at the restaurant's front door was sent to greener pastures.

Zack King, owner of Port in Dewey Beach, opened Old Bay Steakhouse and Seafood June 7 with plans to appeal to both the steak crowd regulars and a seafood crowd.

"Port has a lot of fans and customers in the Lewes area, so this is more convenient for them," King said.

Port opened more than a year ago in Dewey and continues as a popular hangout.

"Midway is a great location, and we were happy to be able to come in here and try something new," King said.

Among new items, King will bring Port sous chef John Downs who will use local vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat.

Each week, Old Bay will feature a wild game night to appeal to the more adventurous eaters. Meats like bison, kangaroo and venison will show up periodically on the menu, King said. For opening weekend, Downs will feature wild boar on the menu.

While Port is known for its Thai inspirations, Old Bay will serve up twists on Eastern Shore meats and seafood dishes.

"We hope to keep the existing customer by keeping a similar theme, but we will be transitioning from Roadhouse's western theme to an Eastern Shore farm-style menu," King said. "We want to utilize our local resources."

Inside, the Roadhouse look will be retained, although plans call for new light fixtures and a new ceiling. On the outside, workers have been painting and updating. Many from the Roadhouse staff will remain, King said.

Mechanical bull nights will continue on Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 9 p.m. Happy hour is 4:30 and to 6:30 p.m. with $3 bottled beer, select drafts and rail liquor drinks.

Behind the bar, 13 of the 16 taps will serve up local beers. A new drink menu will mimic the one at Port with freshly squeezed juices.

Old Bay Steakhouse and Seafood will be open at 4:30 p.m. daily for dinner, with lunch to begin in July. Parking is free.

For now, the rearing horse is residing on property King owns outside of Frankford. He is taking offers from anyone interested in purchasing it.

For more information or call-ahead seating, call 302-644-8273.