Two friendly people on a lazy Rehoboth Beach morning
June 8, 2012


These two gentlemen come down here just about every day. They were just sitting on one of Rehoboth's iconic white benches, having a conversation. I loved that they were so calm while everyone else was rushing by on bikes or runs.

When I initially asked them for a photo, they were quite surprised, then replied in a teasing manner, "Well, we'll charge later, but it's free for now." It's been nine hours since the photo was taken, so I'll assume that I'm in the clear money-wise.

"So you come down here a lot, do you like to people-watch or...?"

"Well, I'd cut my work in half just to be here and see all the pretty ladies!"

Laughing, I told them I appreciated the photograph and to have a wonderful day. However, before I started walking away, one them said as an afterthought, "Tell Dennis [publisher of the Cape Gazette]" I said 'Hi'." It is a small world, after all.