Yucca blooming, old inlet bridge disappearing

The old Indian River Inlet bridge continues to evaporate under the power of jack hammers. BY DENNIS FORNEY
June 14, 2012

14 June 2012 - A gray and cloudy week

Here are bits and pieces gleaned from observing over the past few days.

Yuccas are blooming in the coastal area.  Their flowering runs in tandem with the prickly pear cactuses. Both succulents, they must also thrive on the salt air.

Contractors are also chipping away at the concrete surface of the old Indian River Inlet Bridge.  My understanding is that the rubble and concrete will be used for fishing reefs.  Adaptive reuse.

At the Bradley house on Savannah Road, the electricity has been turned back on. Darren Gordon, general manager of the Lewes Board of Public Works, said the bank that holds the note on the property paid the back power bills and asked that the power be turned back on. An outdoor security light is burning 24/7 now. Maybe the purpose is to deter vandalism. At least two of the house's windows are broken out now, weeds are growing taller and taller and the property continues to decline.