Young Gents

June 15, 2012

I caught these two while waiting for the bus to come after a long day at work. I glanced at them, saw that the bus wasn't coming for a little while, and thought "Oh, why not?" The one guy was holding up two canvases, and naturally I was interested in seeing what the paintings/pictures depicted. I wasn't expecting Magritte or anything out of the Renaissance, of course. It was just nice to see him expressing his loves through art.

They were both cool about the photo. In fact, the one on the left asked, "Do we have to look at the camera?" I replied, "You can do whatever you want." So he looked off, his friend posed his arms in a naturally masculine way, and I snapped the photo. I do like that one is looking at the camera while the other is looking away; it adds a sort of nice depth, which leads me to another conclusion. It's not just the photographer who makes the photo the way that it is: the people on the other side of the lens are the ones who characterize it.