Like Father, Like Son

June 23, 2012

I took this grainy photo while on the way to the bus from work. Papa and son are in step with one another. All those in front of them seem out of place and not quite fitted in their own shoes in comparison. There is a quiet strength in this sort of bond, even if these two didn't notice.

I hadn't any idea that there would be a storm coming until a customer pointed out all the dark patches of clouds. There were in fact more clouds than there were droves of customers by the time the thunder began.

Another little boy and his father were walking by just as a huge bolt of lightning and thunder hit. It scared the wits out of the kid, really, so much so that he frantically grabbed onto the door and his face became distorted with panic. His father pleaded with him calmly, saying "Shh, it's alright. Mommy's getting the car, don't worry."  In a slightly morbid way, the whole scene was a bit cute and funny. In fact, it reminded me of when I used to be just as scared.

As a little girl, I shrunk in fear at the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning. It was all quite terrifying, like looking at death or the Boogeyman in a bright flash over and over again. It was until a sibling took me out on the porch during a storm one night that I stayed scared. I huddled against them as the sky burst with roars and blinding light, but soon after they began explaining the wonders of it and gently pushing me away from their shoulders so I could watch, I saw it. I really saw it. It was truly a light show, filled with the smashing after effects of Mother Nature's effervescence. Now, whenever there is such a storm, I can't help but stare continuously, especially late into the evening when such effervescence makes night like day, though not quite as garish and only for a few seconds. Such is the true beauty of nature- scaring people away while putting on a show for the few who appreciate the magic.