Expression Over Impression

June 26, 2012

Situated on a quiet Bandstand surrounding a busy Rehoboth, I caught sight of this man a few paces away en route to the bus, yet again after a long day at work. Without regard to anyone around him, he was quite pleasantly surprised by my approach. After explaining to him the blog, he seemed very flattered, though more so humble, and tried to organize his guitar-playing stuffs while simultaneously shifting his body in a way so as to show his left profile, as the other side had a very small band-aid on it from a cut. I took all this maneuvering as a very nice gesture and so photographed him as he wanted.

After the photograph, I sat down beside him and asked if he played anywhere, and he replied that no, he had not. Of course I told him he should, though really it was just nice to listen to someone so lovely sing in public. Too often do people sell themselves to the public rather than express themselves through music without a nod towards useless judgment.

We talked about a few bands and the upcoming Firefly concert in July. He was especially excited when I mentioned the fact that it was in Dover and that the Black Keys were playing. I regret not talking to him longer, as the whole conversation was probably less than five minutes. Nonetheless, he shook my hand and thanked me profusely for the time and the photograph, though I thanked him right back for the same thing. I had actually been meaning to post a classic guitar-playing picture on the blog, and finally, I believe I strummed just the right note.