Meet the Yellows

June 28, 2012

While I was walking down the Avenue, I happened to catch a blur of neon yellow in my peripheral vision. When I turned my head, this is what I saw. Not only were they all dressed in the same fashion, but they also appeared to have personalized each shirt, complete with fish and even more bright colors. I cannot tell who is sporting my favorite expression: The little one in the chair has that classic perplexed look which crosses all of our faces at least once a day and the girl on the left has a big smile that elicits, well, even more smiles. However, it is the little girl on the right who I am most drawn to. Perhaps she looks the most natural? Mom and Dad's hands are perfectly placed, which leads me to another conclusion: Posed pictures look forced, and although this is "technically" a posed portrait, I told them to pose however they wanted to, and so naturally they placed themselves where they felt most comfortable. And that is the beauty of freelance photographs.*


*Note to self: Make sure not to leave the bottom half of people out of the photo- it looks a bit undone and incomplete.