Service for Two

July 4, 2012

Walking home from yet another shift at work, I happened upon these ladies, who were also incidentally just finished with their shift. They were sitting on a bench with two ice cream cones looking charming as anything, and so I just had to ask for a photograph. A friend of theirs who worked right next to where they were seated, at Archie's, overheard my asking for a photograph, looked down with a shy smile on his face, and walked right back to his work, which of course made us all laugh. These two obviously agreed to a picture, to my gratitude. The woman on the left is from out of the states, and telling by her accent, probably east European. She was quieter than the woman on the right, who was the dominant one to agree to the photograph. It shows, too. Her smile draws my eyes to her first, while the woman on the left looks more guarded, with her arms and legs tucked in more. They were both lovely in their own way and quickly warmed to my blog when they saw the picture. The woman with the charming smile commented, "Well, isn't that nice?" It really is.