Freedom...From the Crowds

July 5, 2012

It is past one in the morning, I have a shift at  10AM the following day (or shall I say, today), and I believe I saw more red, white, and blue cop lights than red, white, and blue fireworks. I did, however, see this woman, who restored my Independence Day sentiments, which had recently been lost to the crowds and crowds of people waiting impatiently to get on the bus and head back to their respective hotel rooms. The lines were literally blocks long. I was happy to see the Statue of Liberty, in the flesh, walking back at around eleven o'clock. If you don't think that a person who wears green paint and a statue-of-liberty costume with an American flag all day is patriotic, then I really don't know who is. I hope everyone had a lovely, safe, and not-too-traffic-y 4th of July!