Divide and Conquer (Fashionably, That Is)

July 9, 2012

Let's talk black and white. Normally, I'm usually the "grey" sort of person, but this photo has too much contrast for a middle man medium to get in the way. The doors, first and foremost, are dark and light, closed and open, respectively. Both however offer a mystery as to what lies beyond it, only with different atmospheres stirring. Our lovely ladies in the middle, Alex and Zoe, are also representative of the dark and light theme, while our more modernly dressed girls, Anna and Jenny, have the same striped pattern on their shirts, not to mention their arms mirroring one another.

It is funny how easy it is to distinguish the centuries from dress alone (of course, a more critical individual would account for the slightest change in cravats or bodices as being extraordinary). Look at the way the two pairs seem to be holding their confidence as well. Our two more classical models are poised upright, as if to say "I have purpose in my high stance" while the contemporaries on each side are confident in a relaxed way, as if to say "I don't need to look prim, proper, and outrageously dressed in $300 outfits to look good." Confidence has seen many faces in its day. These four are no exception.

As to the background of this photo, I was actually just going to take a picture of Alex and Zoe, two dear friends of mine who were originally just doing a bit of charming advertising for their workplace. Just as they agreed to the photo and as I was mentioning the Cape Gazette, our modern girls walked by and remarked a bit loudly, "I want to be in the Cape Gazette!" They didn't stop until I said, "Well, do you want to? Come back then!" The only direction I gave was for them to stand on either side of Alex and Zoe. Click.

Sometimes when I look at my photos, I imagine doing everything differently, a sure sign that I don't like it completely. Others I like perfectly, but some seem in need of direction. Of course there is nothing I can do, it is frozen. So, I must accept it for what it is worth, and let it be.