Hat Candy

July 12, 2012

I couldn't stop looking at that hat. I saw it far off and had to get a closer look, so I sped up to a noteworthy wonder-what-she's-in-such-a-hurry-for pace. Usually, I just see a lot of cheap straw hats found in the t-shirt shops down in Rehoboth. I see at least fifteen people wearing one in a day's work. But this right here is no ordinary beach hat. It is quite whimsical and reminiscent of small cafes in Paris with pretty ladies and charming men chattering over baguettes and tea. But here, in Rehoboth, this woman fits in perfectly. Either way, we're going to do a bit of traveling, in a triangular path of color. First start northwest at Candy Kitchen, with its orange stripes and bright sun and go southbound past the man who also is sporting colorful stripes- be sure to look eastward and compare the earthy-green trees with the man's green shirt. Head center to the woman's orange, red, and yellow flower dress with just a hint of green, mimicking the previous man's shirt. Note that her hair matches the bag, which goes with the shoes. Finally, go up east to the orange pedestrian stop light and look at how it matches the flowers on the dress. To end the day's travels, the woman made a sharp left to White House Black Market. I never saw her face, but I suppose mystery can be a good thing, especially when it's protected by an awesome hat.