Contentment and Tattoos

July 15, 2012

These are probably the most relaxed people I've encountered in Rehoboth. I actually saw Dad on the bus the day before, chatting up the driver. He seemed nice, but I didn't think to ask him for a photograph.

Well, fate must have really wanted me to take it, because on the bus to work the next day, there he was again, this time with his family, seated opposite of me. That's when I discovered he was not only nice, but was a really good father too. He was kidding around with his son, while Mom sat in between them, amused by their father-son affection. There was a moment when the son was just doing his own thing, and Dad leaned over and kissed the side of mom's head as she closed her eyes and smiled. That's when I told myself I really needed to take a picture of this trio.

So, when everyone got off the bus, I hopped down, took out my camera, and ran up to them as they were making their way to the beach. Asking for the photograph did not seem to disrupt them at all. They did not seem shocked, but more so willing, and as if it didn't affect them. The only question they asked was where they should stand. Simple, nice, the perfect people to ask for a photograph. The little one was just happy to be in a picture with Mom and Dad.

They positioned themselves, and Mom made sure her boy's hat was sitting on his head just right. They put him on the bench, told him to look at me and smile, Dad wrapped his arm around his family, and here you have it. Sometimes I like to ask my photographees a question, so I asked what their favorite thing was to do together. Of course, the first answer out of Dad's mouth was "Gettin' tatted." After a round of smiles, Mom broke in and said, "Yeah, definitely. But what we really like to do is go to the beach." They live up a bit North, so coming down to the beach is probably as relaxing and carefree as they are. Cheers to them- they make a great family.