Gaffney signs off from WGMD

July 18, 2012

One of the most recognizable voices in Sussex County signed off the air Wednesday morning.  WGMD-FM's morning radio show host Dan Gaffney said he resigned his position last week and Wednesday was his last day. He likened his position to that of a professional sports player who finds himself having a difference with the team he is playing for.  "We have a difference that we haven't been able to resolve.  We've agreed to disagree and I'm moving on." Gaffney said he is taking the summer off, has no idea where he will be next, but is confident he will land somewhere.

The provocateur radio show host frequently discusses his conversion to Christianity seven or eight years ago after years as an atheist.  He said he doesn't plan to start his own church.  At one point in his final show Gaffney rolled out a musical clip that started with a strolling piano, followed by a female voice singing: "I'm pressing on to a higher calling."

Gaffney dug at the Cape Gazette for using an old photo of him when the paper announced Gaffney's resignation on the website Tuesday afternoon. The photo made its way into our files in 1998 and it's the only one we have.  The photo is a nice one.  It's here once again.

Gaffney is finishing his second stint at WGMD and he might be back in the future for a third.  You never know.

Hotel California.

Listening to the show, I think I heard Gaffney say that Andrew Murr - who has had an evening show on WGMD - would be taking over the morning slot.

The river keeps on rolling.