Fitness Friday: Not your average workout

July 20, 2012
Yes, it's a movie theater at the gym, but it's probably not a good idea to bring popcorn. SOURCE GOOGLE IMAGES

It's Friday!

My life is still spinning, but I am mentally making a note to slow down. Things are starting to improve, but I need to make more of an effort to do the daily workout.

I recently joined Club Fitness outside Rehoboth (everyone was doing it), and I need to get there more often.

On a recent visit, however, I did duck into the workout theater. Have you guys ever seen this place?

It's amazing.

It combines one of my favorite things with one of my less-than-favorite things - movies and the elliptical machine. I guess you can probably figure out which is my favorite.

So you climb on the elliptical - but be careful because the room is nearly pitch-black - and start to work out. That's pretty normal for a gym. But here you get to enjoy a movie while you are working out! That's pretty terrific.

I have been to many, many gyms, but never have I been to one with a workout theater. You have to see it to believe it. Just being able to watch a movie during my workout might make me return to the gym more often.


Tips for using an elliptical machine

The elliptical is one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment because it is easier on my shins and knees than a treadmill, and often even when the treadmills are full, you can find an open elliptical.

It offers other benefits as well.

Here's what LIVESTRONG has to say about elliptical machines:

"An elliptical machine -- also called an elliptical trainer -- is a stationary exercise machine that simulates running or walking. This type of machine is an excellent alternative to running outside or on a treadmill, since it provides a cardiovascular workout with little stress and strain on the joints. Many newer elliptical machines also feature upper-body handles or poles so you can exercise your arms as well as your legs."

Read more:

On the elliptical machine you can go forward or backward to change up the workout and work different muscles. It requires some balance, but not much more than a treadmill.

In my opinion, using the elliptical every day for 30 minutes will not do much for you. It is best to alternate days using the elliptical. Switch in some swimming, yoga or other cardio like walking or running to really kickstart a fitness routine.

An hour-long moderate-intensity elliptical workout can burn about 300 calories; a high-intensity workout can burn up to 600 calories.



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