Time to Relax

July 30, 2012

It's been a very busy week (isn't it for everyone?). Another busy weekend is surely to bring me behind schedule for certain things, not to mention college in a few weeks, which, and I must apologize for, is slowing down the blog. Then I figured, what could be more appropriate for my next post than a picture of people strolling down the boardwalk? I took a few shots, but didn't find many of them interesting; there were too many blank expressions. So I was happy to have taken this shot from a distance. I wasn't going to keep it originally until I saw the serene expression on the woman's face after I had cropped it. Her body language reads "Lovely day" and aside from the heat, I couldn't have agreed more. The eye is immediately drawn to her first because she is the only one in focus. The other two are looking off and focusing their attention somewhere else, while she is staring straight ahead, as if determined to accomplish something (to get to the end of the boardwalk, perhaps?) They are dressed like average tourists of course, right down to the Crocs, but isn't it funny that one moment captured on camera - just a second - can make them look so interesting?