Dainty Days and Parasols

August 3, 2012

I find it delightful to imagine Rehoboth with little visitors over the summer months. The quiet bliss of these two beckoned me to a bench closest to theirs and with one click, there appears to be the town in its earlier days; just a couple enjoying each other's company and shade from the garish sun. There hardly looks to be any litter, aside from the one soda can next to the gentleman. Perhaps it is his, but maybe not. The walkway is clean and free to be strolled upon. There is so much symmetry and calming patterns that I almost forget there are stores a few steps behind that sell shirts which 'read' "YOLO" and "U MAD BRO?" The trees are blocking out the otherwise hectic place Rehoboth has become. It's nice to take in. When off to work or the bus, I usually just shuffle by all this without a second glance. Not today though. The couple here reminds me that my daily walk does not always need to be as ridiculously fast-paced or busy as all the shops, restaurants, and people that I pass by. It is indeed a lovely day for a parasol, especially when one has the calm and simple happiness of these two.