Working for a Living, By Golly

August 9, 2012

I love the workers down in Rehoboth. We all seem to have this keen understanding of each other's fatigue after a long day of serving customers. I usually strike up a conversation, with the usual, "How late are you working till?" which usually ends with "Oh, man. That's long." Our work shirts are like badges of honor, maybe not so impressive as a badge of honor, but enough for a little respect from a fellow employee. I especially adore the Sysco workers. They are polite and relaxed and aren't afraid to joke around with you. While working today, actually, we had a Sysco order. One of them who I had taken an order from before, was getting a signature from my coworker. I walked up to check what we had gotten, and he looked at me, then looked at my coworker and said, "Be careful with this one. She's always trying to get me in trouble." Laughs all around. It's a nice little realm away from tourists, especially the ones who were waiting to be taken care of while I joked around with him. I suppose I'm relaxing a bit more, having only ten more days of work till I leave and go off to college. This photo here is how I see a worker in Rehoboth: uniform, work boots, smiles, and Dunkin' Donuts. A bright outlook on a beautiful day in Rehoboth Beach. Cheers to our workers.