Business as Usual...At the Beach

August 15, 2012

On my routine walk from the bus to work, I saw this woman from afar. It looked as if she was waiting for something, something important perhaps, and her dress definitely communicated such an assumption. The business attire contrasted greatly with the normal morning work-out clothes of many beach goers. So I waited a bit to see what was up. Then this gigantic bus pulled up. It was a really spiffy, top of the line sort. These two men stepped out and went to shake her hand. My curiosity doubled. To this day I'm not quite sure what it was all about, and I almost regret not going up to them and asking. But I didn't find it too appropriate as a stranger wearing a blue work T-shirt and khaki shorts to come up and say, "Hey! What are you all talking about?" Such is appearance.

Isn't it funny though how so many of us see clothing first when we look at a person? Judgment comes from appearance at times, doesn't it? It is something though: Whenever I attempt to 'judge' someone based on first impressions, I'm usually always off. If they seem nice, they're usually tricking you. If they seem quiet or apathetic, they care very much but are too wary to show it at times.  People can be a mystery. People can be a joke.  People have different sides to them. I mean, looking at this picture, all you see is professionalism in this party, when really I'm sure they all enjoy lounging around on a couch in their pajamas. So, just for a moment, imagine someone you know who is very strict or uptight or loves to be in control of everything (very annoying I know). Now imagine them laying like a load on their couch, munching on popcorn in baggy sweats and an unflattering tank top/wife beater. Or you could imagine them standing stiffly in a corner of their house, with ironed clothes on and pursed lips, eyeing the house for specks of dust or slight disorder, anything they can take over and do their own way. In either situation they have nothing better to do, and it's fun to imagine. Humanity is a thrill a minute, that is for certain.