Is it time to buy in Milton?

The Milton Historical Society BY KATHY SPERL-BELL
August 24, 2012

I am a big fan of CNBC. Over the years, certain advice is repeated by big name guests and I think it also applies to real estate.What I hear guests like Warren Buffet and many others say is that the best time to buy (a stock, a home, an investment) is when everyone else is afraid to. Quite a few of our clients who bought homes over the past few years would agree I think.

Inventory is down, prices have stabilized and begun to increase. There are no more "deals" in towns like Lewes and Rehoboth Beach and once again people are priced out of those markets. When this happened in 2005/2006, people discovered towns like Milton. Like Lewes, there is a Historic District with more examples of historic architecture than you can find even in Lewes. There are new neighborhoods within walking distance of town and historic homes in town, some updated and some in need of renovation.

Milton has the Milton Historical Society with its beautiful Lydia Black Cannon Museum, a recently expanded Library, the Milton Garden Club that tends Milton gardens and so much more.

Discover Milton and check out the homes for sale. Then compare the prices to homes for sale in the town of Lewes and ask yourself - Is now the time to buy in Milton?