Words and pictures point toward the future

I don't know exactly what these symbols mean but am pretty sure something will happen here in the future. BY DENNIS FORNEY
August 31, 2012

People ask me from time to time when the next improvements will be made to the local bicycle and hiking trail system, so I keep my eyes peeled. The two most imminent improvements are the linking trail between the Gordons Pond trail system at the south end of Cape Henlopen State Park and the trails in the northern end of the park, and the extension of the Junction and Breakwater Trail from Gills Neck Road into Lewes. That extension will go cross country from a point near the Hawkseye community entrance westward toward the Monroe Avenue and Freeman Highway intersection in Lewes.

Design work is continuing on both projects, and the photograph with this column shows engineering work is under way for the Junction and Breakwater extension. Part of that extension will run along the southeast side of Freeman Highway and then connect with Gills Neck Road beneath the Freeman Highway bridge. It's fun to watch these projects progressing. Conceive, design, engineer, construct, use. We are an industrious species.

I have no idea what all the engineering symbols mean in the photograph but am nonetheless fascinated by symbols and pictures and what they mean. Two logo-type images recently caught my eye and made me wonder. One was a photo of Matt Denn in front of a campaign sign. The sign showed the Matt Denn words over the Lieutenant Governor words. Matt and Lieutenant were in a light typeface and Denn and Governor were in a bold typeface. No one is expecting the Markell-Denn ticket to have any trouble getting re-elected to another four-year term. They've done good work for Delaware.

It's not clear what a next step might be for Markell after another four years – if he is re-elected – but the obvious next step for Denn would be a run for the governor's seat. The graphic treatment of the Denn campaign sign shows me that he's thinking the same way.

A new logo for Del Tech also makes me suspicious that the school may be contemplating a name change.

The logo shows Delaware in big letters at the top and College in equally large letters underneath. In the middle is the school's diamond-like symbol with the words Technical and Community on either side. The lettering for those words is half the size of the lettering in Delaware and College. So, of course, I'm wondering, will Delaware Technical Community College one day become, simply, Delaware College?