Brian Westbrook, running back and horse enthusiast, will retire an Eagle

August 31, 2012

Tough darts, Ace! - The Cape Henlopen Dart League will have a rules meeting Tuesday, Sept. 4, at the VFW and a captains' meeting Tuesday, Sept. 11, at the same location, wherever that location is. “I see by your hat you're a captain. What’s it like docking one of those big boats, and what are twin screws?" “Don’t start with me, tourist lady, I throw darts, and don’t throw me lines.” All teams must send one representative to the rules meeting - send more if you want. Charlie “Cricket” Gouart is the man to contact for complete information.

Horse enthusiast - “...a true horse enthusiast off the field.” I don’t think I ever read those words in a press release about a retiring NFL running back. I’m an otter enthusiast off the keyboard but I try not to let it interfere with my work; otherwise, I’d be on my back in the pool all afternoon peeling fruit.

Brian Westbrook will officially retire as an Eagle at a home game this season.

He stopped playing for Philly after the 2009 season.  Drafted out of Villanova in the third round, Westbrook had dogged Delaware over his four collegiate years and amassed 10,000 yards of total offense for the Wildcats.

He owns a 23-acre horse farm in Upper Marlboro, Md., where every day he rides around pretending he’s Danny Glover in "Lonesome Dove."

Westbrook played for Dematha - have to get that in there or the Dematha alumni will be interrupting my workouts at Club Fitness.

Kick about and knock about - I’m back to driving, which is pretty close to interesting information, and I have a temporary handicapped placard that gets me through football season, at which time I’m sure I’ll have a new qualifying injury. I’ve been out to some practices sporting my leg immobilizer, just kicking back talking to an athlete here and there - mostly injured ones - just want the kids to know I’m still on the beat. School sports are just the best; after so many - some think too many - years, I still approach each school year like I’m a player.

The Gipper! - I think every presidential and vice presidential candidate should have to deliver the Knute Rockne “Win one for the Gipper” speech to a locker room of ground-rounded linemen just before a game. After all, no one writes his own speeches anyway.  

“Give me a chance to read what I’m passionate about! We’ve got to take the country back all up in here!" - "Hey, who wrote this? I don’t have a black half brother in Africa; this is for Barack. I do, for real? Major cool points coming my way, a real bumpty-bump in the polls."

Snippets - Junior golfers finished the season Aug. 13 at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club with their championship followed by an awards ceremony. Junior golf chairperson Roberta Robinson asked me to include that in my column, and so if I ever get poked in the eye with a sharp hockey stick, I may need a fast track at the eye clinic. Here are some results:  Bradley Hart (43), 9-Hole Division winner (red tee markers); Stephen Fulchino (23), 5-Hole A Division winner (150 yards); Braxton Medd (31), 5-Hole B Division winner (150 yards); Tommy Burn (17), 3-Hole Division winner (100 yards).  In the long drive contest (I’m thinking Harry Kalas on the call) the results are as follows: 3-Holers - Logan Derrickson, 5-Holers - Hank D'Ambrogi, 9-Holers - Chris Hart. Putting contest winners:  5-Hole Division - Stephen Fulchino, 3-Hole Division - Macy Volp. The winners of the Ruth Beebe and the Jack Guenveur awards for the girl and boy who exemplify integrity, sportsmanship and spirit of the game were Maddie Volp, Ruth Beebe Award, and Luke D'Ambrogi, Jack Guenveur Award.

I once broke 100 on the challenging 18-hole course at the Langhorne Country Club without the use of a golf club and it was at night and I was arrested and it was so much fun I’d do it again.

A talented athlete and good kid who can help your team wants to come out two weeks late because he or she had a change of heart. Do you let them? Most arguments are against and it’s unfair putting it to a team vote; it's more the decision of the head coach. I’m looking for every way to let the kid play, but I’m about alone, a minority of one when it comes to this issue.  Go on now, git!