Redskins Robert Griffin: a risen star, no Debbie Downer

The T-shirt tells the story. BY DAVE FREDERICK
September 11, 2012

Robert Griffin - I’m not a Redskins fan or hater, but I love this kid - not just his game, but him. Watched his press conference after the unexpected victory in New Orleans in which he threw for over 300 yards. He was still in uniform, loquacious, genuine and intelligent with that smile that lights up a room. One reporter asked him about certain mistakes during the game and Griffin said, “There were certain plays I’d like to have back, but I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer after a victory.” Trust me, he is the first NFL quarterback to reference Debbie Downer in an interview. An ignorant media person who no doubt had been eating free food for four quarters asked the question, “Isn’t it a great feeling in the loudest stadium in the league to just shut up 80,000 people?”

Now first of all, who asks that question except some loser? Griffin just smiled, talked about New Orleans and its passion for football, then added, “Drew Brees talked to me after the game and said, 'I’m proud of you.' That really meant a lot to me." Like my Aunt Betty said when she left her marriage, “I’m switching teams.” So am I; the Redskins are my new favorite.

Aikers - Another great guy, David Akers, let go by Philly, kicked a 63-yard field goal for the Forty-Niners. The Eagles can now claim that two kickers they let go, Tom Dempsey to the Saints and David Akers to the Forty-Niners, subsequently kicked 63-yard field goals.

Make My Day - Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair at the Republican Convention and I lost an empty chair at the 55th Annual Lake Forest Invitational cross country meet.  I rocked a chair for the first time in 30 years covering sports, but I am injured and my dogs were barking. I sat between races, then when new runners came past the grill guard of my black 4 Runner - I am so cool - I got up ugly. The chair was a Father’s Day gift, cost my wife like $100 but when I left after four races and 500 photos, I had forgotten my chair. I quickly called Tim Bamforth - like 10 minutes of elapsed time - but when he got to the chair coordinates, it was gone. What upper-middle-class Sequoia squatter steals an empty chair?

Amazing, really - The Northeastern Huskies college field hockey team that includes Cape’s Caroline Judge and Kaci Coveleski pushed its record to 5-0 with weekend wins over Virginia and Michigan State. Both games were in East Lansing, Mich. Northeastern will be at Delaware at 7 p.m., Friday Oct. 5.  Cape football hosts Milford that same night but the Vikings hockey team has no game on its schedule.  I see a bus trip with Jacki Coveleski, Rebecca Pepper and Hannah Pepper playing for Delaware going against Kaci and Caroline. That is five Cape players in a Division One game game; I am sure that has never happened before.

T-shirt slogans - I like this on a shirt: "I’m not fat. I’m just soft.” Watching cross country races Sept. 6, I witnessed more screaming, cowbell-carrying coaches than ever before and even caught a coach in a T-shirt which read, “It’s cross country, not cross funtry.” Okay, I get it, but not really. Does screaming at a moderately talented but trying his best runner with 400 meters to go in a three-mile race actually help that person run faster? I am sure that it does not; encouragement would suffice.

Snippets - Wesley College football beat Salisbury Sept. 6 17-7 in the Route 13 rivalry not to be confused with the Delaware over Del State Route 1 rivalry or the annual Battle of Route 9 between Cape and Sussex Tech. Attendance for the game was 1,250. Sammy Mohr, Wesley and Jerome Johnson, Salisbury, did not play but their day is coming. There are some really bad high school field hockey teams in the state of Delaware; what needs to be determined is how good are the ones that exploit bad teams?

Cape will finally open the season under Kate Windett Wednesday Sept. 12, at Seaford then plays at Severna Park Saturday , Sept. 15. Severna Park has won 20 Maryland state titles over the last 30 years. The 17th Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon is Saturday, Sept. 15; staging and transition area is Tower Road oceanside. The course is a half-mile swim, followed by a 15-mile bike and a 3.5-mile run. Local tri coach Kevin Danahy has won the race several times, including 2001 and 2011. Many of Kevin’s clients will be competing. Last triathlon I did I got lost in transition. Go on now, git!



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