Builder Helps Customer Get Variance Approval

- Private group -
September 11, 2012

TAPA Homes, LLC helped Mr. & Mrs. Dodge get a six foot side yard set back variance approved last night.  TAPA Homes submitted the application for the variance with the appropriate documents a month ago.  "It is not the easiest thing for some of our customers to take the time that is required to apply and get the variance approved," said  Brett Reilly, the CEO for TAPA Homes.  He went on to list the amount of time and effort needed like, " filling out the paper work correctly, submitting the application with the correct documents, and then spending two to three hours on a Monday night waiting to appear in front of the Board and explain your case so that they approve it."  Reilly went on to say, "This is part of the service we provide at no additional cost.  We are the builders and we should know best if a variance is possible and how to ensure it is approved."  TAPA Homes has applied for more than a dozen variances and conditional uses and has been approved or obtained everyone.  "We won't waist your money or our time if we are not fairly certain of the outcome," said Reilly.

TAPA Homes can now move forward on building the Dodge's the exact home and size they wanted.  If you want a builder who will take the time and make the effort to ensure you can build the home they way you want contact TAPA Homes.