Fitness Friday: Be ready to get up and go

September 14, 2012
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Happy Friday droolers!

I’m still on my self-defense kick, so I thought I would provide some tips for being ready in the case of disaster – whether it be hurricane, flood, fire or home invasion.

In the Monday Adventures in Drool post, I talked about defending yourself and your home, now here are some tips for a preparedness bag that everyone should have ready in case disaster strikes.


Build a Go-Bag


In a large backpack, combine items that will sustain your family of four for 72 hours after disaster strikes. Hopefully within 72 hours you will be able to make it to a friend or family member’s house out of harms way.


Items to include:

• Long-sleeve shirts

• Sweatpants, pants

• Warm hats

• Underwear and socks


Water - 1 Gallon per person (rotate every 1-2 years)


Food - what you would typically eat (rotate every six months)

• Protein-Granola Bars, Peanut butter

• Trail Mix and dried Fruit

• Gum

• Crackers and cereal

• Canned foods

• Infant formula if needed

• Pet supplies if they will be traveling with you


Emergency Supplies

• Small First Aid Kit

• Emergency blanket

• Hand warmers

• Whistle/compass

• Pocket knife

• Face mask

• Battery-operated radio

• Mess kit or spork

• Shovel

• Rope

• Duct tape

• Ponchos

• Can opener

• Blanket

• Axe

• Sheet (cloth/plastic)

• Batteries



• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Chapstick

• Soap

• Washcloths

• Antibacterial gel/wipes

• Tissues (take the cardboard roll out of the TP and you can stick it in a ziplock easier)

• Sunscreen

• Shampoo

• Deodorant

• Brush

• Floss (can come in handy for things other than cleaning teeth)

• Towel

• Feminine products

• Shampoo



• Flashlight with extra batteries

• Matches

• Candle

• Glow sticks

• Lighter

• Flares



• Small bills

• Coins (quarters)

• Pre-paid phone card

• Credit card



• Post-it notes

• Notepad

• Crayons

• Pen/pencils

• Bean Bag

• Dice

• Card games

• Sharpies

• Markers


Personal Information

• Copy of records

• Current family picture

• Social security numbers

• Addresses and phone numbers


Emergency contacts


Emergency plan




Immunization records


Besides having health benefits, being physically fit would also aid you in a disaster. Make sure you and your kids know how to swim, and set a family safety destination – in case the family is separated, all members should know where to go to reunite. Hopefully a disaster does not affect your family, but just in case, here are some exercises that will help strengthen your core:


Water jug lift

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and two, gallon jugs in front of you. Breathe in, bend at the knees, pick up the jugs, breathe out and stand. Then raise the jugs up in front of you, alternating arms. Return the jugs to their starting location and repeat 10 times.


Baby lift

While sitting on the couch, have your child straddle your ankles. Using your core muscles, lift your legs up and down to provide fun for your child and strength training for you! Alternate legs or use both at once if you prefer. Repeat as often as possible.


Run, baby, run

Next time your little one is begging to play in the yard, head outside with him. Pick him up and hold him under one arm as you run up the yard. Switch arms and run back. Repeat until out of breath – which depending on the weight of your child might be pretty quick! Alternate arms and feel free to add some humor to the run for entertainment value. Try running zigzags or in circles to keep your little guy or gal giggling.


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