New 100% Construction Loan

- Private group -
September 20, 2012

TAPA Homes is working with West Star Mortgage (WSM) to offer our customers 100% construction financing for their new homes.  As a direct lender West Star Mortgage can offer 100% financing on USDA loans which also include 100% financing for the construction. This is a unique ability and a welcomed program for many new home buyers.

WSM will provide a USDA 30 year fixed rate loan to their local construction lender and that lender will provide the construction loan...up to 100% .

TAPA Homes will save money on your construction loan as well.  TAPA Homes will build your home in a timely manner with most homes being completed in 60 to 90 days.  That is only two to three months of construction loan payments.  And TAPA Homes rarely takes all the construction draws before the customer converts to the 30 year loan.  For more information  click here or call 302-934-5601.