Adventures in Drool: The sarcasm tree

Surprise your family with a Thai dinner. The dinner I prepared included Papaya salad, chicken with garlic and vegetables, and Thai Beef Salad. BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY
September 24, 2012

Well droolers, it has happened.

I have taught my son sarcasm. It happened accidentally of course. At first, I didn't think I was to blame. But, then, the evidence started piling up against me.

In the past few weeks Droolface has started using a two-syllable laugh. Sounds like 'Heh-heh.' Think that mean kid from "The Simpsons."

Yes, that is now my son.

He started doing the laugh and everyone thought it was so cute. Then my family started to notice that I also do the laugh, but that it generally has a sarcastic lilt.

Example: Mom stumbles over a rug. Me: Heh-heh.

Oh, what have I done!

This just goes to show that the sarcasm apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And, it hits every branch on the way down.

My hope is that this is just a phase that Droolface, and I, will both outgrow.


Toddlers are sponges

Learn from my experience - toddlers are sponges. They mimic or try to mimic everything parents and relatives do, so try to promote good behavior. Say your pleases and thank-you's. Speak quietly, instead of yelling, to make your point.

According to BabyZone, children start mimicking more frequently at the 15-month mark. Guess who is about to celebrate 15 months - you guessed it - Droolface.

Try using this time as a game for the family. For example, have a living-room dance-off. Start dancing and see how many moves your toddler can copy. Then let him do some moves and you copy him.

Watching parents and family members shows children how to behave. Now is a great time to start helping him learn to use utensils as well. And, not many parents drink out of bottles, so reducing the number of bottles he gets each day might also work during this stage!


And now for a recipe!

This weekend, I treated my family to Thai night. It is always a hit, and the garlic and hot peppers really work to clear out your sinuses.

Here's a quick and easy recipe for Thai beef salad. Serve with sticky rice or white rice if you can't find the sticky kind.

Thai Beef Salad

You will need:

Beef roast - get a cheaper type of meat, then slice it into bite-size pieces. You will need about 2 pounds, but it can always be increased.

Garlic, 2 cloves, chopped

Hot peppers, crushed, to taste

3-4 tablespoons fish sauce

Ground ginger, a pinch

Black pepper, two pinches

Cilantro - about 2 teaspoons, plus some extra for garnish, chopped

Red onions - about a half of an onion, sliced thinly



In a ziploc bag, combine sliced beef with fish sauce, garlic, two teaspoons cilantro, black pepper, ginger and hot peppers.

Marinate for at least an hour in the fridge.

On stove, place large pan with a drizzle of oil. Once pan is hot, dump meat from bag into pan. Spread out the meat over the bottom of the pan and wait about a minute or two. Then stir rapidly to cook meat on all sides. Since meat is sliced thin, it cooks very quickly. Remove from heat after about 4 minutes and cover with lid for about a minute. Stir and pour onto large serving dish. Sprinkle with cilantro and red onions.

Serve with rice.


Have a great week in the kingdom of drool!

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