Improvements still emerging at Indian River Inlet

Indian River Inlet Bridge underpass. BY DENNIS FORNEY PHOTO
October 1, 2012

1 Rocktober 2012

Becky and I rode bikes to Indian River Inlet on Saturday.  Sunny, nice.  Down the Junction and Breakwater Trail from Lewes, juiced up on caffeine with a latte (half caf, little shot of caramel) from the Coffee Mill in Rehoboth, headed out the south end of town into Dewey, nice and quiet at 7:30 a.m. and then onto the wide shoulder of Route 1 in Seashore State Park.

All cool.  All beautiful.

The community at Indian River Inlet continues to be a happening place. One of the most dynamic places in Delaware. All the state's cottages fronting on the inlet appeared to be booked and the dry-stack storage building at the northside marina looked full.

Contractors recently completed an underpass that allows southbound bicyclists and pedestrians to access the wide and protected bicycling and walking lane on the east side of the bridge looking over the ocean.

You access it by turning into the service road that heads toward the cottages, Coast Guard Station, northside marina, Burton Island trail and all the other groovy stuff in there.  Then, look at the north side of the bridge where it drops back to earth and you'll see the underpass.  Works like a charm and a great view from the center of the span looking seaward.

On Friday night we crossed the bridge in the rain after having dinner with friends at the Lobster Shanty on Route 54.  The bridges and the shining blue lights made for a dramatic scene in the darkness.

Looks like all of the concrete removal work is about done on the old bridge.  Lots of rebar and other metal sequestered for recycling.  I'm guessing the next stage of demolition will begin after the weather cools down and there is less boating traffic in the inlet.

Lots more campground, trail, parking lot and other improvements coming to the inlet making it a great destination for all sorts of travelers in the future.

Get outdoors and enjoy Delaware's great parks.  You own them!

Here are a few more photographs to illustrate what I've written.