Ask Dr. Trupo of Cape Chiropractic

- Private group -
March 4, 2013

How do Medical Doctors and Chiropractors work together?

Chiropractors treat many different types of problems with great success. At times, it is necessary to seek help from other doctors for second opinions, to order additional diagnostic tests, or to seek additional treatment.

Chiropractors develop relationships with family physicians, general physicians, internists, orthopedists, neurologists, podiatrists, massage therapists, dentists and many other types of providers. Chiropractors and the other professionals have developed these relationships to provide the best care possible for all patients.

We pride ourselves in the results that we get with our patients. Our philosophy is that we will do whatever it takes to seek the best results for our patients. If we feel that we can successfully treat a patient, then we accept them for treatment. If we feel there is a better option for them, then we refer out to the appropriate provider or specialist.

Working Together For Your Benefit

Over the last 20 years, medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic have begun to understand the importance of working together for the benefit of the patient. Prior to the 1990’s, many medical doctors didn’t understand what chiropractic could do, nor did they realize the effectiveness of chiropractic. Education and scientific studies have changed that for the better.

Outcomes of the studies have proven that chiropractic is effective, inexpensive, and safe. That is why many hospitals now have chiropractors on staff and many medical doctors and chiropractors have gone into practice together.

For both the MD and the DC, doing what is best for the patient is a top priority. Once this is understood, using all available tools for optimum health makes perfect sense.