Candidate removed from ballot for first time

How to write-in a candidate
October 19, 2012

For the first time in Sussex County voting history, a name has been removed from the ballot.

“Removing a name is easier than adding one,” said Department of Elections Administrative Director Kenneth McDowell.

This is not the first time, however, that a write-in candidate has run a campaign. A few years ago, Christine O’Donnell was a popular write-in candidate in Sussex.

“I suspect this will be a big write-in year,” McDowell said.

Each voter can cast as many write-in votes as he wishes. To simplify the process, voters are urged to save their write-in votes for last.

How to cast a write-in vote:

• Press the write-in button in the block chosen for a write-in candidate

• A red button will begin to flash

• Press the red button and a write-in door will open

• Clearly and correctly, write in a name

• When finished, gently pull the write-in door down until closed

• Recheck that all votes have been cast

• Finally, push the green vote button.

McDowell said in past elections, people have pressed the green vote button before voting in the races that follow their write-in vote on the ballot.

He emphasized once the vote button has been pressed, voting is finished. A ballot cannot be retrieved or changed once votes have been cast, McDowell said.

Final voter registrations must be postmarked Friday, Oct. 19.

McDowell said his office has received about 100 absentee ballots, and more residents continue to walk in every day to fill them out.

“At this point, Sussex has 133,000 registered voters,” McDowell said. “It’s the second-largest county, and there is a lot of ground to cover.”

In Sussex, there are 73 vote inspectors this year, and 860 poll workers.

“Every year it gets busier,” McDowell said.

For more information on writing in a candidate’s name or registering to vote, call the Sussex County Department of Elections in Georgetown at 302-856-5367.