Pets in Emergencies

October 26, 2012

With Sandy fast approaching our area, please take this time to prepare your pets for evacuation.


Place all supplies in an accessible place and stored in a easy to carry container.  A tote, duffle bag or plastic tub work well.  Inside the supplies should be:


Medical records, vaccination history and any medications your pets may be on.

Current photos of your pets should also be included should you be separated for any reason.


A first aid kit, extra leashes and collars,food,  food bowls, litter pans, and a can opener.


Towels and/or toys.


On your pets have an identification tag, if no tag is available place a paper with all information inside a baggie and staple or tape it onto your pets collar.  Also tape this information on any carrier you will using to transport your pets.


Call the KCSPCA for more information.  302-698-3006