Candidate asks politicians to rally to help local residents

Eakle calls for meeting to organize volunteer efforts
October 26, 2012

With Delaware facing a weather event that could be worse than any storms the region has seen in a long time, a local candidate is calling for a united effort to help Cape Region residents weather the storm.

State Senate candidate Rick Eakle issued a call to all candidates for office in Sussex County to put aside political differences for a few days and meet to establish a plan as to how candidates might help residents who need assistance to get away from the storm, secure their homes, or help in any way to support their efforts to weather the storm.

Eakle volunteered to coordinate a meeting of all candidates. "It is certainly worth the effort to try to help those who look to us for support," Eakle said. I am aware that Delaware has resources to help people in need; however, additional support may be needed," he said.

Eakle can be reached at (302) 436-4633.