Tides already high along coast

Rehoboth residents urged to prepare for power outages
As the sun was rising in Rehoboth Beach Sunday morning, so was the tide. High tide arrived about 7:16 a.m., as high seas sent sea foam as far as the dunes. BY LAURA RITTER
October 28, 2012

Coastal communities are under a mandatory evacuation order, announced Oct. 27 by Gov. Jack Markell.

Markell said Sunday, Oct. 28, the evacuation order applies to everyone in low-lying or flood-prone areas within three-quarters of a mile of the shoreline.  Those living in areas that typically do not flood are not required to evacuate, the governor said.

Based on the original order, Rehoboth Beach officials urged residents to heed the evacuation order. City Manager Greg Ferrese said Sandy is expected to bring winds of near hurricane force, with gusts potentially exceeding hurricane force, and torrential downpours that could exceed 12 inches of rain.

The storm is also expected to bring a significant storm surge that will last through several high tides. "This surge has the real potential to approach the storm surge created by the great Nor’easter of 1962, the storm of modern record," Ferrese wrote.

Ferrese warned all those who remain in their homes that the area could be without power for as long as a week.

"For anyone staying in their home, you need to think through and plan for the possibility of being without power for a week or more.  What will you eat, do you have a way to cook, what will you use for lighting at night, how will you receive information and on and on?" Ferrese wrote in a press release.

Rehoboth residents who have questions or need assistance can call the Rehoboth Beach Dispatch Center at 302-227-2577 .

Anyone with an emergency should call 911.