Crazy People and Wonderful Waves

October 28, 2012

While home from college for the hurricane (as I didn't find the idea of staying in a gym with a bunch of college kids pleasant), I decided it would be the most opportune (and perhaps nutty) time to update the blog after over two months of not posting. As I drove down the main avenue in Rehoboth, I could tell this hurricane was going to be much worse than last years' (if one would even call it a hurricane), though only time will tell. Basically every shop (including where I worked at) was boarded up. The British Fish and Chip shop had its boards up, with a simple message: for Sandy to take it easy because the customers need their fish and chips. Of course I had to get up close to the beach. I can now say I am quite drenched and took my second shower just from the rain and wind. And if anyone knows what it's like to wear wet jeans, lets just say it's not too comfortable. I did manage to take these photos however. For those of us who are riding it out, stay safe, prepare for a power outage, and check out these pictures before you lose electric.