Sandy driving barometer way down!

Enjoying a hurricane hike along Freeman Highway Monday afternoon are (l-r) Zach Halter, Conor McLaughlin and Jimmy Wheatley. BY DENNIS FORNEY
October 29, 2012

Sandy has driven the barometer down to territory I've never seen before and that's not good. As the light goes down and the storm races closer to the coast, the wind is rising, electric is flashing and it's all getting very pooky! Still, some people are taking advantage of some of the most dynamic weather we've ever seen to get right out in it and feel part of it.

This afternoon I saw a young man unloading a bicycle with big balloon tires from the back of his truck in the parking lot of Dairy Queen on Lewes Beach. I think he might have been heading to beach to let the northwest wind drive him eastward toward the ferry terminal. Then I saw three frogmen hiking along Freeman Highway. They were having a good time.