Cape May-Lewes Ferry to resume operations Oct. 31

October 30, 2012

This morning, Cape May-Lewes Ferry officials inspected the infrastructure at the Cape May and Lewes ferry terminals as well as each ferry vessel. No damage has been reported.
Early this afternoon, the U.S. Coast Guard completed its assessment of the Delaware River for debris and remaining navigational aids and issued clearance for the MV Cape May to depart the Holt Marine Terminal, Gloucester City, N.J. at 1 p.m. and return to Cape May, N.J. The MV Delaware and MV New Jersey followed shortly thereafter.
“We will operate our normal ferry schedule tomorrow with the first ferry departing Cape May at 7:30 a.m.,” said Heath Gehrke, director of ferry operations. “We were very fortunate that our facilities were relatively unscathed.”
“Our crew did a fantastic job keeping watch over our vessels, added Cape May-Lewes Ferry Port Captain Bryan Helm. “We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated crewmembers, and we also are very thankful for the help we received from the staff at the Holt Marine Terminal during difficult conditions.”
On Oct. 27-28, ferry marine personnel transported all five ferries upriver for the safety of the vessels. The MV Twin Capes, MV Cape May, MV Delaware, MV New Jersey, and MV Cape Henlopen were docked at Holt Marine Terminal in Gloucester City to ride out Hurricane Sandy.
Travelers who plan to use the Cape May-Lewes Ferry are advised to call toll free at 800-643-3779, go to or friend them on Facebook for the latest departure information.