Lewes mayor gives shout out after storm

November 6, 2012

On behalf of the City of Lewes, I would like to thank everyone involved in assisting our community during the recent storm event of Sandy. We were extremely blessed with the final outcome due to the location of Lewes in proximity to the approach and landfall location of Sandy. We can look to the coast of our neighbors in New Jersey and New York to see the fury and destruction of such a storm.


Citizens of Lewes should know that many people and organizations came together to provide protection and services to attempt to first and foremost protect life above all. Thanks goes to the Lewes Fire Department, the City of Lewes police, street and administrative departments, the Lewes Board of Public Works and Beebe Medical Center for all their efforts to provide emergency response and medical treatment when needed, protection throughout the event, and utility services during and restored afterwards.


The administration of both the city and BPW worked in harmony to provide whatever was needed, document the event, and coordinate and dispatch as needed. Management of all city departments did an outstanding job.


I would also like to thank the Cape Henlopen School District for providing our community with a shelter location. While no one desires to evacuate their home, having the shelter location so close by is another benefit to our community. Also, thanks to Chief Topping and the Georgetown Police Department for the use of a humvee during the event. It was put to use.


Communications were assisted by the media networks in the area, both by radio as well as the press, printing on line information when provided. I would also like to recognize the efforts made by Sussex County, using their Emergency Operations Center under the leadership of Joe Thomas and coordinating numerous bridge calls which allow us to obtain information updates on not only the event, but also what is happening around our county and state.


Finally, thanks to our community for responding to the issued governor's state of emergency orders and respecting the needs and safety of our first responders. As we move forward with our post storm assessment, we must all keep in mind the miniscule distance in geographic location that made the difference between being spared and being devastated. Let’s hope our blessings never run out.


Mayor Jim Ford



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