Adventures in Drool:  Make your bed!

November 5, 2012
Droolface found his new best friend, the flex light, after his toothbrush fell into the jug of doom. BY RACHEL SWICK MAVITY


Happy Monday morning droolers!

Here's a funny story to perk you up on this chilly November morning.

After breakfast at my house, Droolface was running around and playing like usual before it was time to head out to daycare.

He has this habit now of pointing and grunting when he wants something; this morning he wanted a toothbrush that we keep near the sink. I happily gave it to him, thinking 'Yay, the kid likes to brush!'

He runs out to the dining room where Pops is sitting. Droolface is happily playing, so I am gathering up his lunch. Then Pops and I hear a kerplunk, following by a Droolface, 'uh-oh.'

The toothbrush has been dropped through a large ceramic jug we keep on our porch.

The jug is nearly two-feet tall, with a golf-ball-sized opening at the top; I did not think we would see that toothbrush again.

Droolface is crying because he can't get the brush back while Pops heads to the garage to find a tool to try and snatch the thing out.

Turning the jug over doesn't get us any results; then trying a mechanical grab-tool also doesn't work. We shine a flex light into the jug and spy the toothbrush, along with many other items, covered in dirt and dust bunnies.


Finally Pops holds the jug and I wiggle the toothbrush out. Success!

We turn, with jubilation, to Droolface to show him we saved his brush.

Droolface has run off with the flex light and no longer cares about the lost toothbrush.

Such is life.


State of your bed

I recently read a quote from Karen Miller - author of Momma Zen - stating that our happiness can be directly tied to the state of our beds.

"The state of your bed is the state of your head," said Miller.

Hmm, could it be true?

Jackie Ashton of agrees that when her bed is made, she feels more motivated to meet the challenges of the day.

Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit states that making the bed in the morning leads to better productivity and stronger skills at sticking to a budget.

I may have to try this one out. Our bed usually resembles a college dorm room, with various blankets and pillows tossed in a giant pile. Our cats seem to believe that the bed is the key to their happiness, but could a made-up bed be the key to ours?

Thus begins the week that I make our bed every morning. I will let you know if it makes me happier, more motivated and productive.


Monday morning recipe

Peachy-keen smoothie

Breakfast is essential - whip this smoothie up for your family this week. While the weather is cold, it will make you recall the warm days of summer.

You will need:

1.5 cups frozen fruit medley - peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mango (I got a big bag on sale at Walmart)

1 cup orange juice

Flax seeds

Yogurt - I used strawberry this morning, but the flavor is up to you.



Defrost fruit in the microwave for a bit. In blender, combine ice with slightly-defrosted fruit, yogurt, orange juice and ground flax seeds. Add lid and blend - mine was too tight, so I had to add a bit more water to make it a good consistency.

Serve with whole wheat toast for a well-rounded breakfast. Enjoy!

Have a great week droolers!



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