Healthy Elvis, My Antonia and Cortadito in Rehoboth Beach

Butch Emmert in a familiar pose: "Sold!"
November 6, 2012

Rode the Junction and Breakwater Trail to Rehoboth Beach from Lewes two times over the weekend.  Beautiful fall outdoors.  The trail amazingly dry following Sandy's rain.  A thick blanket of leaves over the hard surface.  Watch them - they can become slick and slippery and dump you in a heartbeat if you turn quickly on them. Overhead, the season's first echelons of snow geese came leveling across the sky - noisy and speckling the blue with motion.

Rolling into Rehoboth Beach on Rehoboth Avenue, an easterly breeze blew the unmistakeable voice of auctioneer Butch Emmert up the street.  He was selling all kinds of surplus items the city wanted to dispose of: bicycles picked up all over town, Boardwalk benches, lifeguard stands, vehicles. items confiscated by the police.  The biggest items sold were four diesel generators used by the city to provide emergency power for wastewater lift stations.  See my column in Friday's paper - coming - to see who bought them, for how much and what they will be used for.

Both rides to Rehoboth were good for interesting drinks.  On Saturday morning I warmed up with a Cortadito from Café A Go Go.  Cuban coffee beans, cinnamon, evaporated milk and condensed milk.  Creamy and just the right amount of sweetness and a serious buzz.

Later that afternoon at Dogfish, a pint of My Antonia pilsner to accompany some seashell pasta with chorizo, crawfish and garlic cream sauce.  Late lunch/early dinner.  The My Antonia - named for Willa Cather's novel - loaded with flavor.  Hops and citrus.  7.5 percent alcohol. Lasted me for my whole meal.  A solid pint.  Remember what the brewers are saying: beer is the new wine.  No complaints.  Love 'em both.

Third great drink of the weekend was a Healthy Elvis from Green Man.  Peanut butter, bananas and other choice ingredients - maybe some blueberries.  Makes you want to sing Hound Dog and tell the world you're healthy and ready to swallow the whole universe. Ended up singing Over and Over by the Dave Clark Five. "All at once it happened, the prettiest in the world - I said won't you come over and talk to me and be my girl." Things didn't work out for the guy or the Dave Clark Five - eclipsed by the Beatles - but a catchy song and Healthy Elvis inspired.

Glad to see that Green Man was giving 10 percent of the day's proceeds to the Sandy relief effort.

Over on Silver Lake, marveled at a raft full of cormorants sunning themselves.  What are they eating?  Why do they like Silver Lake?  Probably for the same reason the geese and ducks, sea gulls and people like Silver Lake.  It's pretty and fresh.

Outdoors is awesome.  Nature doesn't care.  And remember what John Steinbeck said to all of us: Attitude and posture are two things we have to cultivate our entire lives.  Stay on them.  Still involved with the Sussex Outdoors initiative.  Encourages people to get outside and be more active.  Healthy, we can reach the limits of the universe and beyond. Oneness is happiness.  Sussex Outdoors,  Pursuing Happiness. Rock and Roll! And send some help to the folks in need. They want to be happy too.

Here are some photos from the weekend journeys.