Ask Dr. Trupo of Cape Chiropractic

- Private group -
January 15, 2013

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic is more than just a “structural” approach to health. Yes, it is true that a chiropractor will remove subluxations caused by structural issues, and yes, it is true that this helps to restore health and wellness.

 But, in addition to structural components, chiropractic focuses on the whole picture. It does not just focus on the bones and nerves, but on your life. While speaking with your chiropractor, you will be asked about your spine, but also about how well you eat, if you exercise, your stress level and ways you reduce stress, your family life, and so on.

 Then, using all this information, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan based on correcting the cause of your subluxations and possible associated symptoms.

 This makes perfect sense. For instance, if you have a leaky tire on your car, do you go to the gas station and fill it up day after day, or do you go to the tire store and have it repaired or replaced? The same is true for pains you may suffer. Why would you take pain meds daily when you can remove the subluxation and get to the root of the problem?

 When you have a subluxation, your chiropractor will correct it through an adjustment. This adjustment puts your body back into alignment, allowing communication between the brain and body to flow freely.

 Subluxations often do not go away and stay away with just one adjustment. Several adjustments over the course of a few weeks to several months may be necessary. Remember, chiropractic isn’t about simply relieving pain on a temporary basis. The goal is to fix the problem, keep it fixed, and keep it from happening again.

 There are many different types of chiropractic procedures and techniques. Some techniques work better for some people and others for other people. It is important to find the one that works for you and use it as part of your overall health care strategy.

 So, there you have it – you now know what chiropractic is and what it does. As you learn more and more, you will understand its effectiveness and its growing popularity.