Will Briggs King keep her promises?

November 9, 2012

Well, well, well, Ruth hung in there, thanks to her backers, the landowners, the developers, the real estate moguls and the manufactured community owners, as well as her biased support from Georgetown, but she did get a fight.

Beth McGinn, one of the finest, most honest ladies I have ever met, ran a responsible, informative campaign and came close to pulling it off. Thanks to Beth, Mrs. King was finally forced to publicly address thge problem in manufactured housing, although she still does not get one important point.

To really address the complex issues, Mrs. KIng needs to stop listening to the group of community owners who are feeding her junk info, and one or two private individuals who represent nobody but themselves and talk to to other legislators like Valerie Longhurst, chairman of the Manufactured Housing Committee, Rep. John Atkins, a member of that committee, and most importantly, the organization that represents manufactured homeowners in Delaware, the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA).

Mrs. King's ideas to date are not viable, but that is no surprise because she seems to be mearly repeating what is and has been coming from Jerry Heisler and others, all community owners. All parties need to be involved to resolve the problems as fairly as possible, not just one side.  That is, if Mrs. King decides to honor her comments to work and resolve these problems.

Rest assured, we will be waiting and watching to see if Ruth Briggs King keeps her promise.

Dixie Boucher

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