Ask Dr. Trupo of Cape Chiropractic

- Private group -
November 25, 2012

What Are The Phases Of Care For Treatment?

There are three phases of care: the initial intensive or relief care; rehabilitative or  corrective care; and wellness care.

Initial intensive

In this phase, the main goal is to get rid of your pain and stabilize your condition as quickly as possible. Since pain is usually the last symptom to show itself and the first to resolve itself, progress is seen very quickly.

Rehabilitative and corrective

In this phase, the main goal is to increase strength, flexibility, muscle control, coordination and balance. In this phase of care, you are usually feeling much better and the goal is to get you stabilized so the problem does not reoccur.


This phase of care is started once the initial intensive and rehabilitative phases are finished. The goal of this phase is to improve health, maintain normal function and prevent original problems and catch problems before they become serious.