Stop blaming Briggs King for failure

November 9, 2012

I would say, with the real estate experience that Rep. Briggs King brings to the table, she has a better handle on statistics for manufactured housing than Dixie Boucher.

I reply to Dixie Boucher, as a board member of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association, you have collected membership money from members and communities and never once worked on any statistics for manufactured housing.

But yet you challenge anyone else who comes along with statistics. In addition, DMHOA has collected over $10,000 in state grants and has never produced any type of actual facts on manufactured housing in the state. What is DMHOA good for?

In our park it’s 60 percent part-time people and 40 percent full-time people. It’s not hard to find out the statistics if you actually gather the information. Stop the ridiculous attacks on people not responsible for the horrible laws in place right now for manufactured housing. Rep Ruth Briggs King did not vote for the last rent control bill because it was a bad bill. And your continued attacks because you can’t make her do what you want are ridiculous.

It was a bill made up by people who wanted to have the idea of rent control shoved down the throat of landowners thinking they, DMHOA, would have the upper hand over the landowners. Read the bill. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it was a bad bill. If it passed it would have gone to court and have gotten thrown out, and residents would be in worse shape.

Stop blaming Rep. Ruth Briggs King for all of the poor actions on the part of DMHOA and puppets for DMHOA like Rep. Valerie Longhurst. Manufactured housing has a lot of issues to work through and the only way to do it is to get residents and landowners together to work on solutions. It will never work with anyone from DMHOA involved in the negotiations; DMHOA is just comprised of “angry and bitter” people.

Ms. Boucher doesn’t like the fact she can’t bully Rep Ruth Briggs King and play her like a puppet like DMHOA is playing Beth McGinn. Ms. McGinn handles membership for DMHOA and has been played by Mr. Speraw to run for office because no one on the board has the credibility and integrity to run on the ballet.

Before you question anyone else’s statistics, think to offer the facts that you have of your own. Which sadly, DMHOA doesn’t have any statistics. But they are quick to collect taxpayers monies from Grant in Aid. Like I said, what are they good for?

Pat Weyl

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