Stay strong! Make gym time last thing to leave your busy schedule

November 9, 2012

The last to go - I see people at the gym and then I don’t, and some explain, "I’m just too busy; I have to get back to it," while others use family issues as a reason.  I tell them all, “The gym and your own fitness must be the last to go. It is where you develop strength of body and peace of mind. The heart will condense stress if you don’t exercise to alleviate it, and a brain bathed in highly oxygenated blood just works better." There are no guarantees with any of it, but your chances of having a high-quality of life are better if you incorporate fitness into your daily inactivity. Why am I talking like this? Because I’m a sportswriter - I’m not allowed to talk about politics.

Dallas week - The best quote I ever read: “Eagles fans hate Dallas because Dallas doesn’t even bother to hate them back; they’re too busy hating the Redskins.” The Eagles and Cowboys play in Philly this week in a life lesson game. Watch Andy Reid, who lost his 28-year old son just last August, get relentlessly booed in his own ball yard. I’d like to see Andy hold up a sign that reads "I make $5 million a year and when the Eagles tunnel blows up, why do you think it reads Levitra on the helmet?"  This will be a great game with lots of crazy highly skilled and not-very-likable athletes - just no telling how they will go. Las Vegas has Dallas as a one-point favorite. What do Mitt Romney and Andy Reid have in common? Brigham Young and bring a lot of them. Yes, that was not funny.

Bite my hand - I attend state championship cross-country meets, take photos and chat up old friends because I love the sport.  It seems like 1977 was yesterday, when I coached a team to a state title at Brandywine Creek State Park.  A one-year, one-hit wonder. Cape runners in white uniforms with a single gold stripe came across the finish line: Lance White, Nick Miller, Phil Wilson, Linwood Downing, David Lewis, Jeff Jones and Ronnie Wright.  Second runner Glen Smith disappeared and did not finish; we later found him inside the hidden box marked Mister Donut, powdered sugar on his nose and non-apologetic. “Man, those hills broke my heart, Coach - for real - but I’m glad we won. Do we all get medals, and do we get to hang a banner?” Nick Miller and Glen Smith have passed to the other side; God bless them, they could both break my heart and make me laugh.

Snippets - Practices for winter sports begin Nov. 9, not Nov. 15 like they have the last 30 years, and who has any idea why? To quote the late Milt Roberts, “Not this gobbler.”

One of the greatest Pittsburgh Steelers ever, Lynn Swann, endorsed Mitt Romney in the presidential election. I find that amazing. A-Rod also endorsed Mitt, not doing him any favors at all.

Jenna Steele of Mary Washington College was the Capital Athletic Conference 2012 Rookie of the Year.  

Devon Price of Wesley and Jenna Steele were both named to the All- CAC field hockey second team.  

Caitlin Van Sickle, a North Carolina senior by way of Tower Hill, made the All-ACC team. Caitlin lists coach Robin Adair as having the biggest impact on her as a player.  

Andrew Scrutchfield had a goal and two assists as a starting attackman for Stevens Tech in the Oct. 21 fall ball 9-2 win versus Division I Wagner. He also had a goal in a 6-5 loss to LIU. Stevens is in Hoboken across the Hudson from Manhattan and got hammered during Hurricane Sandy. Their mascot is the Ducks, which makes sense.

The Selbyville Middle School football team wrapped up its second straight undefeated season and 14 games in a row. Selbyville, coached by Tim Clausen, Sam O’Shields and Jesse Bare, did not give up a single point all season, outscoring opponents 210-0. Cape has Indian River back on the schedule next season, so we’ll see how it goes when everybody on the field has a driver’s license.  I’m kidding.

The Cape boys and girls are both Division I for the cross country and track groupings. The state cross country meet is set to start at 1 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 10, at Brandywine Creek State Park.

Bruce “Is Loose” Egolf got his Lewes Polar Bear groove on by jumping into the Delaware Bay Nov. 4.

Go on now, git!

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