Ask Dr. Trupo of Cape Chiropractic

- Private group -
April 26, 2013

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic care is based on three main beliefs:

1)  Your body has a natural and powerful ability to heal itself.

2)  Your nervous system is the main controlling system of the body.

3)  An interference with the nervous system can cause your body to malfunction or cause disease.

The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to remove the interference with the nervous system. The adjustment involves force to specific areas with therapeutic intent. The force is done with the hand or by instruments. The force varies with your particular problem and the technique. The adjustment is applied to correct alignment or to increase range of motion.

There are many different techniques used by chiropractors. In our office, we use the techniques that we believe most effectively corrects your problems or subluxations.

The most common techniques that we use is diversified.

Diversified is done by a chiropractor using their hands to analyze for proper motion or function in each joint. After manually analyzing the joints, the chiropractor delivers a hands-on adjustment to the specific joint to free up joint fixations, relieve muscle spasms, restore normal joint function and remove nervous system interference.