SAAS students visit Washington, D.C.

Senator Chris Coons greets SAAS student Ashley Hangstefer. SOURCE SUBMITTED
November 28, 2012

The Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences in Georgetown recently completed a schoolwide expedition, Winning the White House. Students participated in many in-school activities focusing on the roles citizens play in the election process.

Throughout the weeklong expedition, students were in multigrade groups for lessons in political parties, the Electoral College, political campaigns, and local, state and national elections. They attended political rallies, played the role of delegates and participated in a mock election. All subject areas were tied into the common election theme.

The expedition culminated Nov. 16 when all SAAS students and teachers traveled to Washington, D.C., to tour the nation’s historic monuments.

Sen. Chris Coons toured and met with students. In addition, state legislators Rep. John Atkins, D-Millsboro, and Rep. Harvey Kenton, R-Milford, attended a showcase and game show to see firsthand just how expeditionary learning works.

The following contestants had the opportunity to answer questions and receive prizes during the showcase and game show, hosted by Jimmy Hoppa from WBOC: Sarah Ashmore, Abby Drummond, Colden Fees, Carter Hill, Peyton Holtzclaw, Clarice Pamplona, Agnes Patterson, Jax Polve, Ethan Ward and Joe Warrington. The top four winners were Abby Drummond, first; Jax Polve, second; Colden Fees, third; and Ethan Ward, fourth.