Who is fumbling the ball?

December 4, 2012

My take on the letter stating John McCain fumbling the ball that the reader cannot look “outside of his box”. Susan Rice was given the order by “someone” in high office, to put out the message that video tapes were responsible for the attack in Benghazi. She also repeated that Al Queda was defeated and on the run.

We know this is not the case. They are not on the run, and by making statements that she should have realized were not true, she tainted herself in her role in the administration's handling of the Benghazi situation. This statement was put out as a cover-up of the lack of this administration's protection of our ambassador knowing that Sept. 11 would be a day that might be violent.

The videotape message was put out by all the networks, the media, and by the president of course. It was purely a rush job. Everyone knew it was a terrorist attack. Everyone now knows it was a terrorist attack. President Obama has just stated don't go after Ambassador Rice, go after me. Well Mr. President, I hope we do go after you, but it will be hard seeing that the media protects you from anything that will ruin your image.

Ms. Rice, being an ambassador herself, should not have been so quick to go on five TV stations and make that incorrect report. Now we have a cover-up in the highest degree. The New York Times and Washington Post have labeled her as not diplomatic enough for the top job of secretary of state. As to Senator McCain, he did lose two Navy aircraft while piloting them, both due to engine failure. A third was destroyed on the deck of the carrier USS Forrestal when a missile fired accidentally from another plane hit either the plane next to McCain's, or his own aircraft, nearly killing McCain. A fourth plane was lost when he was shot down over North Vietnam on a bombing mission over Hanoi. None of the four planes were lost to pilot error. A fifth alleged “crash” turns out to be a misinterpretation of a light incident that did not result in the loss of the aircraft.  He does not keep these facts secret.  Because of his military knowledge, he is the ranking member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

As far as credentials go, President Obama was not vetted when he became a candidate for president. We elected a president purely because he spoke well, promised entitlements, and is tall! We didn't seem to care about his background and the influences he grew up with. No Republican would have even been a candidate with Obama's background. You see facts about him, but no one has really seen any college records. Magna cum laude is okay. My husband graduated suma cum laude. But he would not be a candidate for president. All of President Obama's background is in community organizing. Look up the people who surround him.

We have a president who is doing all he can to turn America into a socialist, government-controlled country. Why do you think the majority of people who voted him in voted for all the benefits that he is promising - entitlements. They are in for an awakening because we don't have the money to give them all they want.  Why do you think that a Russian newspaper has said that America is now heading for communist rule. The only way out of the mess we are in now (by the way, started by the housing bubble in 2007- remember Frank-Dodd and the Democrat majority in Congress) is not by higher taxes, but by less spending. Capitalism, which means opportunity for all, is the only way.

Obamacare - his new health bill - is going to be devastating for companies thay cannot pay for insurance. People who will not be able to pay for their own insurance will have to buy into Obamacare. Hospitals and doctors will have to take patients who have Obamacare. So now you will be under government control in every aspect of your health.

As to McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his vice president, she would be more than 100 percent better than Vice President Joe Biden, who doesn't know who or where he is when he speaks. Wow, he is next in line to be president after Obama. Scary thought!

I write this because I am truly concerned about where our country is headed, and about the future of our children. Even my future is in jeopardy. I'm a senior. I've lived long enough to know what happened in Europe during the war, and what is happening now in Europe, and is coming here.

Wake up -  listen to sources other than the liberal media. Try listening to a “fair and balanced” station even if for a while. If you don't like it, turn it off. Right now, you have a choice.

Elizabeth Becker                 

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