Comments invited for Delaware Statewide Health Assessment

December 28, 2012

The Delaware Division of Public Health wants public input on the major health needs in Delaware.

DPH recently worked with a broad spectrum of nonprofit and medical provider partners to create a draft statewide health assessment. The SHA is a careful examination of the health of Delaware's population which then is used to identify key problems and assets in Delaware. The ultimate goal of a SHA is to develop strategies to address health needs and identified issues in a comprehensive way. After receiving public comments on the SHA, DPH will organize partners again to develop strategies and goals to address Delaware’s major health needs.

Four documents comprise the SHA:

Community Themes and Strengths Assessment - provides an understanding of the issues felt important by answering the questions: “What is important to our community?” “How is the quality of life perceived in our community?” and “What assets do we have that can be used to improve community health?" Go to

Community Health Status Assessment identifies priority community health and quality-of-life issues. Questions answered include: “How healthy are our residents?” and “What does the health status of our state look like?”  Go to

Forces of Change Assessment focuses on identifying forces such as technology and other impending changes that affect the context in which the state and its public health system operate.   Go to

Goals and Strategies - Based on the above assessments, broad strategies are identified for addressing issues and achieving goals related to the community's vision.  Go to

DPH invites comments on the SHA through Jan. 31, 2013. Comments can be provided by health providers and agencies, as well as the interested public. Go to to open a form on which to record and send comments. For questions call 302-744-4703.